East Location Members

testimony-deacon-charles-petersonDeacon Charles Peterson

I have been a member of River of Life Christian Church since 2009, am single and have no children. I am currently involved in the audio ministry and a co-facilitator in the 12 Step Free Indeed Ministry. I received the Arnold and Bettie Williams Visionary Award for Outstanding Service to the 12 Step Free Indeed in 2014 which is a testament to what God has done in my life. Before becoming a member at ROLCC, I did not want to depend on anyone or have anyone depend on me, and isolated myself from people with multiple addictions. Being a member at ROLCC has helped me to face my fears, overcome depression and several addictions, in addition to becoming a dependable member of the ROLCC leadership team.

testimony-nicole-johnsonNicole Evans

My Name is Nicole Evans; I’ve been a member of the “River of Life Christian Church” for 12 years. Since becoming a member, my life has transformed in monumental ways. I attend the 12-step free indeed ministry on Wednesdays, at the west location, and it’s an awesome ministry. It has changed my life in the 4yrs that I’ve been involved.  Example, 4 yrs. ago I was in the process of a divorce, and I was angry and becoming bitter.  I began attending at the prompting of my pastors, and that was some of the best advice that I could’ve ever gotten, and it changed my life.  I began working the steps and in the process I began to receive my healing.  The more honest I became with myself, the more steps I worked, and the free-er I became. So much so that after the first two years I was able to call my ex-husband and tell him that I forgave him and asked him to forgive me. I finally got the revelation that forgiveness is not for the other person, but it’s for you. The Word of God flows freely here at the Waters/River. So when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired come and get free from whatever has you bound.

testimony-sarah-ellefsonSarah Ellefson

I received the Lord several years ago, but I wasn’t ready to give in.  I was high all day every day, but I still thought of Him and prayed to Him.  I was in a manipulative relationship, my entire family used drugs and during all of this I found out I was pregnant.  I was a functioning addict but not truly productive.  Although I worked, went to college, prayed and volunteered I was high during all of it.  Through the gentle urging of God I slowly built up my courage to leave the relationship and take my daughter to the unknown.  That weekend I went to church and my whole life changed.  He clearly spoke to me and helped prevent what could have been a catastrophic fire in my new apartment – I knew I had to keep listening.  From that day until today my God has kept me moving forward and never looking back.  I was still using drugs and didn’t ever think I would quit and didn’t really want to.  In one day, just like He had done before, He took the weed right out of my hand and my life.  I have become a very active member at my church, was baptized two years ago and my daughter loves going to church.  I am now a teacher for the Too Smart to Start Ministry as well as a leader in training.  I have a pretty good idea where I would be if my Father in Heaven hadn’t pushed me along but before that I wouldn’t have imagined the real love that I am receiving now in His arms and at the River of Life Christian Church.  Bishop Earl is the father figure I never had as he is to many of us, God is truly working through him and his wife Pastor Pam.  I now know that with God I will break the generational curses in my family and my daughter will know the Lord.  I am no longer ashamed or hiding, I am in the light!

testimony-tre-edgertonTre’ Edgerton

My testimony isn’t like most. I’ve never gone through a big struggle, had troubles with drugs or alcohol or had a struggling childhood. I’ve had the blessing of having an unbroken home, enough to eat every day and people who love me. I’m a living testimony every day of the prayers of my family and ancestors as I live their dreams and succeed in life and I have God to thank for that.

testimony-trevonte-jamesTre’Vonte (Tre’) James

Looking back on all the time I’ve spent at River of Life, I find myself being thankful for all the people that God has put into my life while going to this church. I consider myself blessed for being a part of such a genuine, compassionate, joyful body of people. Going to this church Sunday after Sunday has definitely helped me to stay on the straight and narrow and has taught me what it really means to love and follow Jesus. After going to this church I know for a fact that God is always on my side and will continue to guide my steps. This church has always been somewhat of a “center” for me as I went through high school- and even more so as I am now finishing college!


West Location Members

testimony-parrish-leona-martinParrish and Leona Martin

Our love began in in the early 80’s, we were married in 1989. We struggled many years with alcohol and drug abuse, and found comfort in many different ministries and were long time members of the River of Life Christian Church and in 2011 God had another plan. We began going to the WOLOM with residue and pain from our past and our marriage on the rocks. We began to commit to God and our ministry, and Counseling from our Bishop and Pastor. As we look back we thank and Praise God for giving us Pastors after his own heart, because failing was not an option. We are winners and overcomers. We have a strong marriage and we couldn’t have done it without God, our Pastors and our wonderful WOLOM family.


Since I have been a member at the WOLOM I have grown to become a true Man of God. This ministry has benefited my life in so many ways. I am a better husband, father and friend. I attend 12 Step Free Indeed, Marriage Ministry and Leadership. I was ordained a Deacon in 2013. God has truly used my Bishop and Pastor to mentor me in my walk with God.

Leona Martin:

I have attended The Waters of Life Outreach Ministry since 2011. I am currently serving as a Deaconess and active in the Nursery and Youth Ministry also, co-facilitate 12 Step Free Indeed. Since becoming a member and being active in this Ministry my marriage is stronger, family relationships have been healed and I have grown spiritually in so many ways. I have found purpose and a drive for life that only God could have ordained. I have been delivered out of a 20 year drug and alcohol addiction and lifestyle of chaos.